The Innovation Group, with more than 3 decades of experience with local SA suppliers, has provided full end-to-end interior solutions across hospitality, corporate, residential and government projects, around the globe.

With our long established relationships in SA with a comprehensive manufacturing base in the interior and furniture sectors, and supported with the local heritage of skills sets in joinery, carpentry and design, this only enhances our unique collaborative local offering.

We are proud to support sourcing from South Africa, with a global reach.

Why Source SA?
  • Long established manufacturing base due to historic economic & social factors.
  • Financially attractive due to continuous devaluation of local currency (SA Rand).
  • Local manufacture and interiors driven by strong design influence and culture. Supported by events such as Design Indaba, World Design World Capital 2015 etc.
  • Long heritage of skill sets in joinery, carpentry, upholstery etc.
  • Local suppliers are far more flexible than global suppliers on minimum order quantities (MOQ's), volume, part shipments etc.
  • Local suppliers service and support all custom / bespoke pieces and projects as commercial opportunities.
  • SA is geographically accessible to the world, especially with Cape Town and Durban being on a major shipping route.
  • Access to local raw materials.
  • The wider local supplier base has already built experience and scale on the booming hospitality sector over the past decade during events such as RWC 2010. SA being the gateway to Africa has also had a huge influence.
  • The Innovation Group has over 3 decades of experience with local suppliers.